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Blue Magician Part 10

Title: The Blue Magician
Author: me! aka Craig famguyrules90 
Format: Story Part 10
Length: 1622
Status: WIP
Rating: PG13? (i'm unsure)
Genre: Fantasy, Slash, M/M, Magic
Warnings: Also contains some strong language. All the characters and places etc are my property and completely fictional, any resemblence to real life or existing fiction is completely coincidental and unauthorised duplication is prohibited. Also there may be errors, typos etc.

Summary: James lives in Yerin, near the ocean, where it is illegal to be a magician in the lower classes, and social suicide to be a Samer (Gay), unfortunately, James is both.Outcast from his town, James finds himself in the midst of a centuries old conflict and it's up to him to solve the crisis. Can he keep his magic secret? And will he ever find love? As usual it's unedited and advice/ comments is encouraged etc.

So very sorry that it's taken so long to post nemore of the story. Basically, as much as i love this story and writing it, I suck when it comes to motivation lol. And with uni starting back up and lots of stuff with my band makes for a very busy me. But heres another part! Hopefully i can write a little more while im on xmas break but i make no promises. :( lol

My heart leapt into my throat at a hundred miles an hour as I panicked. My mother shooed us out the back door into the alley and returned to the house, locking the back door, while I was still too startled to think of action.

Outside it was getting dark and the stars were becoming visible against the navy blanket, as well as the winter moon with its deteriorated pieces floating high in the sky, resembling a crumbled cake underwater. The abnormal shape of the moon cast strange shadows everywhere. Sam held my hand and tried to pull me away but I stayed rooted to the ground. I could feel the person on the other side of the house was familiar and knew that something was very wrong.

‘I know he’s in there Bell’ Came a deep booming voice from the front of the house.

The person behind it was angry but there was also a hint of uncertainty and acquaintance. The use of my mother’s nickname forewarned me to who it was and I slipped my head around, feeling Sam’s resistance in my hand I gave a gentle squeeze of reassurance.  I put my attention back to the front of the house to see my father leaning on the door. He was dirty, smelly, clearly drunk and his greying beard unkempt, but I could still tell it was him from his angry, piercing blue eyes. The front door opened and he stumbled inside.

I crept around to the back window to watch what was happening inside.

‘What are you doing James? We’ve got to go before they find us and do unthinkable things to us. They’ll torture us to find the others as well.’ Sam whispered quickly, with a haunted look giving his eyes a sad sheen.

I held up my hand to stay quiet and mouthed the words ‘its ok it’s my dad.’ which seemed to ease his worry somewhat though he still didn’t seem completely convinced.

Turning my attention back to the window I watched as my father straightened himself up a bit and began moving towards my mother. He held a small brown paper bag in one hand in the obvious shape of a bottle; I could hear the liquid inside sloshing against the sides.

‘Where are you hiding him?’ He demanded with a slur to his words.

‘He’s not here Harold so just leave.’ She pleaded.

 I was surprised at her formal use of his name and that she was telling him to leave. I had thought she would be glad he was back after all these years, and yet, here she was telling him to go? My mind was reeling from all the things I had thought I knew that had been proven wrong. It was like a dam had been broken and everything was happening all at once, flooding my life and drowning me.

My father took another, more threatening step towards my mother and she backed away slightly.

‘I’m not gonna hurt him. I just wanna talk to the boy.’ He told her, clearly holding back his temper and obviously lying.

‘I told you he’s not here. He hasn’t been here since yesterday.’ She replied, a shake in her voice.

Don’t you LIE TO ME!’ He yelled at her. I had never heard so much anger coming from him. He must have really hated me, more than I had guessed.

‘I know he was here Bell. Did you think people wouldn’t notice that huge rabbit and strange horse? People saw him come here with that disgusting boy.’ He said. Sam tensed at the comment about him.

My father began to raise his hand with the bottle as he moved towards her. I couldn’t just stand there and do nothing while he attacked my mother. Not when I had all this magic now, even if I couldn’t control it. I let instinct take over again and created a connection with the liquid in the bottle in my father’s hand. It was not unlike the connection with Percy once it was there.

‘What are you doing James?! He’ll find us!’ Sam pleaded.

 I ignored him and commanded the water mixed in with the alcohol and other ingredients to begin boiling. It became hotter and hotter and suddenly my father dropped the bottle on the floor, burned by the sudden heat. After a few seconds I realised I had made a mistake. After the connection with the bottle ceased I couldn’t stop making more connections to other water sourced around.

‘Aha!’ He exclaimed ‘I knew he was around somewhere. Let’s see.’ He said with a little glee now. He began slamming cupboard doors open and turning the whole place upside down. Meanwhile the connections I had made were overwhelming me and water started spraying from taps and leaping from buckets.

My father’s face snapped to the window and spotted me watching, as if he could suddenly just sense where the magic was coming from.

‘Bit off more than we could chew did we Jamesy?’ he said, making a bee line for me as my focus was being eaten up by all the water around me.

‘Quick James! Sever the connections. Just focus on what’s here.’ Sam declared.

‘I can’t!’ I shouted. ‘It’s too much. I think it’s going to consume me.’

‘Focus on this then.’ He stated.

I felt the sweetness of his lips reach mine and with that, my world was no longer out of control but inhabited only by the essence of Sam. I felt the connections I had snap as only the connection of our lips remained. Too soon the connection was broken and I was able to focus on my surroundings, on my father standing a few feet away, frozen in shock.

‘Filthy, disgusting, inhuman, it’s not right.’ I heard him muttering.

I pulled Sam up and ran towards Percy who was whinnying as if to say ‘hurry the hell up’. As we both mounted Percy my father seemed to regain his senses and started running towards us, shouting threats as he moved. Percy needed no encouragement and immediately began galloping away in his special gait and the last thing I remembered before my senses were taken over by the rushing wind, was my dad’s furious face and the feel of Sam’s strong arms clinging around my waist.


After a little while, I decided we were far enough away to stop and decide our next move. I communicated this to Percy, who obliged.

‘So what are we going to do now?’ I asked Sam after he’d regained his balance being back on solid ground. Percy’s wind gait was a little like sailing on the water.

‘We find somewhere safe to camp tonight and see if the others have calmed down in the morning I suppose.’ He replied.

We had stopped just on the edge of a dark, dense forest and there was no obvious road or buildings in sight. Even the ground seemed very different from Yerin. Much more springy and green compared to Yerin (and most of Yinva’s) dry dirt. Where were we?

I didn’t like the way Sam had said ‘safe’, as if most places were dangerous and once again I found myself wondering what horrible things he’d gone through. But I was too afraid to voice my questions again and bring back the obviously dark memories. I was also extremely worried about my mother. Surely father wouldn't do anything to her now he knows I am no longer there. I couldn't think about it, so instead, as we searched the surrounding area for signs of people, I began worrying about the whole ‘Kai Nerine’ thing. What did it mean?

‘No signs of anything around. I think it’ll be safe to camp here for the night, though we should camp on the edge of the forest, hidden by the trees. Just in case any thieves come by or others.’ Sam said.

I nodded in agreement but then a problem came to mind.

‘What about supplies, where are we gonna sleep?’ I asked.

Sam smiled and winked as he said ‘Leave that to me’ and rushed off into the trees. I followed behind at a slower pace and found him not far into the forest with his palms planted on to trees, eyes closed in concentration. I got there just in time to see more branches from the trees grow out rapidly to form a big roof and walls. Then roots come up to form a big bed and grass grow up through the bed to form a soft, grassy mattress.

Sam released his grip of the trees and opened his eyes. He took one look at my astounded face and burst into a fit of deep, belly heaving laughter.

‘That was amazing!’ I told him, still in shock. I clearly had more to learn about magic than I thought.

‘You don’t think I spent those months alone sleeping on the floor do you?’ he said catching his breath, for a different reason I had to catch mine.

And then even more amazing than the little room he had just given life too, he bent down and grabbed handfuls of grass as if they were corners of a blanket, pulled it up right out of the ground and shook a green, woven blanket. It was glistening beautifully as if the moonlight was reflecting of dew. Upon closer inspection I saw that it was made from long, delicate yet strong blades of grass woven together. It felt better than silk.

Suddenly Sam was very close to me and I could feel the heat of him through our clothes. My heart raced and my whole body wanted to respond to his proximity and make contact- skin to skin contact. My libido seemed especially fond of the idea. Sam gave me a devilish grin and I could tell he was feeling the same thing.


Sorry for any general sloppiness. Just wanted to get it posted so didnt really check over it lol. Comment as usual! :)




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Dec. 18th, 2010 09:26 pm (UTC)

thx for the update!

I really wondered about the story!
Dec. 18th, 2010 10:35 pm (UTC)
Thanks! Will hopefully post more in the week. Though i got carried away and wrote two merlin fanfics in the last two days instead haha.
:) x x
Dec. 19th, 2010 07:44 pm (UTC)
Ask and ye shall receive. Haha, The next part is up :)
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