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Blue Magician Part 9

Title: The Blue Magician
Author: me! aka Craig famguyrules90 
Format: Story Part 9
Length: 1856
Status: WIP
Rating: PG13? (i'm unsure)
Genre: Fantasy, Slash, M/M, Magic
Warnings: Also contains some strong language. All the characters and places etc are my property and completely fictional, any resemblence to real life or existing fiction is completely coincidental and unauthorised duplication is prohibited. Also there may be errors, typos etc.

Summary: James lives in Yerin, near the ocean, where it is illegal to be a magician in the lower classes, and social suicide to be a Samer (Gay), unfortunately, James is both.Outcast from his town, James finds himself in the midst of a centuries old conflict and it's up to him to solve the crisis. Can he keep his magic secret? And will he ever find love? As usual it's unedited and advice/ comments is encouraged etc.

Got a nice long part for you guys today, partly to make up for the no post on monday

The sharp clang of the pan hitting the hard floor echoed in the room and vibrated in my ears. The contents spilled onto the floor and I immediately moved to clean up but my mother stopped me by pulling me into a bone crunching hug.

‘I thought you’d left for good! What the hell did you think you were doing!’ she said a mixture of sad, happy and anger in one sentence.

Her grey eyes were puffy and red and her cheeks were wet from crying. She had cooking stains and flower covering her plain grey dress and caking her hands so she’d obviously been keeping herself busy. I didn’t think she’d have been that bothered and her obvious concern made me feel extremely guilty. I swore to make more of an effort with her.

She seemed to notice Sam and quickly pulled herself together, brushing the mess of her clothes and pushing her brown and grey streaked hair back into a tidier pony tail. Sam was just staring around the house. I forgot he had never been inside my house when we used to play since I was a little embarrassed by our class difference.

It was a simple house with a kitchen and dining room downstairs with standard plain furniture and the stairs up to the bedrooms. There was no reception room or room to entertain guests. We only owned a few lamps which we didn’t often use to save money and there were no decorations save for things I had made when I was younger.

Looking around I was suddenly acutely aware of all the problems with my house. The ceiling had patches where water had dripped through. The back door to the stables was off its hinges and leaning against the door way. We hadn’t fixed it since we didn’t need to worry about burglars with nothing worth stealing. Cobwebs with their owners adorned every corner, ruling the house.

            ‘Who’s your new friend James? Is he staying for dinner?’ she asked and I could tell that there was no denying I was staying for dinner. I didn’t mind though, the smell of my mother’s chicken stew as she went back to stirring and started remaking the cake mixture that she had dropped on the floor, teased my nose, and caused my stomach to quiver in anticipation.

            Sam seemed to snap back and introduced himself.

            ‘Hi Mrs….’ He blanked at her last name and looked horrified.

           I stifled a giggle.

            ‘Mrs Kinsear’ I provided ‘but everyone just calls her Lizzie.’

            ‘Hi… Lizzie.’ He looked uncomfortable at using her first name. Obviously he was used to more formal introductions. ‘I’m Sam?’ he said.

My mum stopped what she was doing and just stood there in shocked silence. So she recognised him then. I fretted at what she was going to do and tried to think of something to say to diffuse the situation but nothing came out. She carried on stirring though and I breathed a sigh of relief.

            She set three places on the table assuming Sam was staying and gave me a pointed look. Was it me or was mum being cool with the whole Sam thing? She poured the sweet, gooey cake mixture into a cake tin, and placed it gently into the hot oven with care. I could almost hear her humming but thought nothing of it. She poured us each a bowl of steaming stew and we all sat and table. Me and Sam immediately began stuffing mouthfuls of the delicious broth, letting it warm our stomachs, though Sam’s stuffing was a little more graceful

            ‘So James, are you planning on explaining to me what exactly happened yesterday that was so important that you ran off?’ she asked sternly. My old unyielding mother was back. I squirmed under her gaze, looked like I was telling her the truth.

            ‘Okay mum, don’t be angry or scared but…’ I took a deep breath ‘I have magic.’ I finished.

It sounded weird, almost ridiculous to be saying it out loud but at the same time, I could feel the truth in the words and decided I just had to accept it was a part of me, as much as being a Samer and having black hair was a part of me. It wouldn’t be easy for me to accept it though, it was still a strange concept to me and I wasn’t sure where I fit in and was scared to find out, especially after what had happened before leaving the inn.

During the babble going on in my head, my mother hadn’t had any kind of reaction to my big announcement.

‘How come you don’t seem surprised?’ I stated.

She looked a little hesitant but then decided to tell me the truth.

‘You see James. When you were younger strange things did happen sometimes. Taps would turn on for no reason when you were nearby, horses would always be calmer around you and your father could never catch anything when he took you fishing but they would jump out into your arms.’ She explained

‘But why did you suspect it was magic? And why didn’t you tell me?’ I asked

‘Well as you got older, things got… stranger. You started talking to glasses of water, glasses of water you’d already drank and then was full again in the blink of an eye. You started having nightmares at night, shouting a woman’s name and would wake up soaking wet.

‘We were worried it would get worse if you became aware of it and people would find out. You know what the authorities would do if they found out. We didn’t want to accept that it was magic either so we ignored it. Things calmed down as you got older. But then in the last few months I could tell you were pulling away. I thought it might’ve been to do with what you are but I was slightly afraid it was the same thing as when you were younger.’ She finished.

The information was hard to swallow, like a pill. How long had she been hiding all this? Was this why she’d been so distant with me rather than because I liked boys?

‘I hope you didn’t think I stopped loving you. I always will no matter what happens. I don’t care about you being a Samer I just hate that other people can’t see how wonderful a person you are and I worry for your safety. It may not be illegal but some people like to take the law into their own hands love.’ She said putting her hands onto mine and squeezing them.

The act made my heart squeeze. How could I have thought she didn’t love me? I smiled at her and returned the squeeze then remembered that we weren’t on our own. I turned to Sam and grabbed his hand, he seemed tentative at first but then relaxed into my hand. My mum smiled at us she sat back.

She took the cake out of the oven and cut us all a big piece and poured us a glass of milk. The smell of lemons permeated the air and when I bit into the cake it was surprisingly moist, light and the citrus taste dominated the attention of my taste buds. Sam marvelled at the my mums creation and complimented her, telling her she should open a shop in Hareev market, where they would sell for a great price if she wasn’t snapped up to be the kings own baker. She told him she could never leave her hometown but I knew she meant she had to wait for my father.

We chatted for a while and my mother and Sam seemed to be getting on very well, he turned on the charm and had her in stitches laughing at times with his cheeky nature. Hours passed by and the first sun had already set when my mother turned things around.

‘I’m glad you’ve found somebody James. I hope you’re good to him Sam, look after him for me will you?’ she said to us.

I was confused. Look after me? Why did she assume I wasn’t staying? The look on her face and her sudden change in demeanour worried me.

‘You can’t stay here James. I wish you could but my fears have come true. Some people saw you doing something near the docks and recognised you. They reported you to the town guards and they think you tried to cause the Tsu Wani and other weather.’ She said completely serious.

My stomach dropped, this was not good. I hadn’t even got control of my magic and they thought I was a criminal capable of causing the Tsu Wani. My life just seemed to be going off the rails and spinning out of control. I wondered if this was what my life was going to be like for me now I had magic.

‘You haven’t got long dear, they came to check if you were here last night and this morning and promised to keep coming back until they find you. I’ll pack you a travel bag.’ She declared

She got up and started to fill a sack with travel food and other travelling necessities taking the cake out of the oven and cutting us both a big piece. When she felt satisfied we had everything we needed she handed me the bag then went upstairs for something. She came down with one of the very few lamps we had and filled it with oil.

‘You’ll probably need this more than me.’ She said.

‘I can’t take that from you it cost too much.’ I told her

‘Nonsense, besides I expect it back sometime.’ She seemed to think for a second then continued.

‘If you want to contact me send a letter and sign it Kai. But don’t tell me anything that could help them find you or make things worse.’ She said.

I stumbled over what she had said. How did she know my Elfen name?

‘Why did you ask me to sign it Kai?’ I asked her.

‘It was the name of the woman you used to say in your sleep, I distinctly remember it. Kai Nerine.’ She said. ‘Why?’

Me and Sam stared at each other. I didn’t know what this meant but it didn’t look good for me.

‘It’s hard to explain and a long story but it’s important.’ I replied to my mother.

‘Then don’t tell me. Go out the back door and use the alleys, the guards are patrolling the main streets around here at night. They figure that’s when you’ll show.’ She suggested.

I nodded in understanding and mentally told Percy to meet us out back in five. It was almost effortless to communicate with him now, and felt natural. I wished I could talk to more horses. Maybe I could once I had control. I knew nothing of what I could do with my magic and was beginning to think I never would.

             My string of thoughts was interrupted by a loud, incessant and violent knocking on the door.


There ya go. :) Hope ya like it, commennnnt... now. lol x


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Sep. 8th, 2010 08:34 pm (UTC)
I'm hungry now *sulk*

It doesn't seem quite right that his mother would feed them and stick a cake in the oven when the guards could be there any minute. If the guards are waiting by night she'd surely want them to leave as early as possible and be safe?

Interesting to know his powers aren't a sudden convenient happening but a long term thing :)
Sep. 9th, 2010 12:42 am (UTC)
Well they had eaten quite quickly but then talked for a while where she got carried away and night started to fall and she thought they still had enough time, must not have been clear enough lol. I'll probs edit it sometime to make it clearer lol.

Also, the person at the door may not be what you think ;) lol

Glad you think so about his powers. That was more the reason she had stayed away, a little fear and not cos he's gay. Hope that was clear enough lol :)

Sep. 9th, 2010 05:38 am (UTC)
Well I took the visit to be roughly an hour just thought his mother seemed very relaxed before suddenkly mentioning the possibility of guards.

That's teasing!

Yep I liked that, it showed she fully accepted/loved him but was scared for him, before she seemed a bit distant.
Sep. 10th, 2010 04:40 am (UTC)
I knew those guys at the water's edge... The mom might be in trouble if it's known that she has helped James but there's nothing to be done except leave while they can which had better be soon judging by the pounding at the door. Hope the boys take steps to hide their trail back to the inn.
Interesting that the dad didn't snitch on him after he went away since the parents knew as he was growing up that he had magic.
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