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Blue Magician Part 5


Title: The Blue Magician
Author: me! aka Craig famguyrules90 
Format: Short story Part 4
Length: 1419
Status: WIP
Rating: PG13? (i'm unsure)
Warnings: This novel contains homosexual content, if this offends you please do not read. Also contains some mild language. All the characters and places etc are my property and completely fictional, any resemblence to real life or existing fiction is completely coincidental and unauthorised duplication is prohibited. Also there may be errors, typos etc.

Summary: James lives in Yerin, near the ocean, where it is illegal to be a magician in the lower classes, and social suicide to be a Samer (Gay), unfortunately, James is both. Can he keep his magic a secret, and will he find love? As usual it's unedited and advice/ comments is encouraged etc.

‘Show off!’ Kenna shouted from behind a book.

He smiled and rubbed the rabbit’s back affectionately. I glanced at the hole in the floor just in time to see the ground fall back into place. It was as if there was never a hole there. I stared at the rabbit.

‘How did he do that?’ I asked in amazement.

‘What good would our guides be if they didn’t have a little magic themselves? Tawny is also the wisest guy I know, even if he does complain like my grandpa sometimes.’ He said.

The rabbit seemed to look at him with a huff of annoyance. Kenna walked over to the fire in the room that I hadn’t noticed before and started poking the flames.

'You think that’s cool? Watch this!’ She exclaimed.

I stared at the fire and after a few seconds a small lizard like animal crawled out of the fire, unscathed, and jumped up into Kenna’s arms. She cradled it like a baby.

‘This is Vol. She’s a mini dragon and hella protective so I wouldn’t piss her off if I were you. But get on her good side and she’s very warm, a real firecracker!’ she said while stroking Vol’s tail.

I looked expectantly towards Nuru but he ignored us, keeping his eyes on the scrolls in his hands.

‘His animal is a white owl named Dag. He can see the dead and travel through the otherworld. It’s pretty cool but He doesn’t like to show off.’ Sam enlightened me.

Nodding in understanding I turned my attention back to Sam. All the feelings I’d had for him came bubbling to the surface, only ten times stronger than before. I tried to quell them. I doubted Sam felt the same towards me.

Kenna left her research and the three of us began just chatting about general things like our childhood, families and hometowns. I was interested to find out Kenna was from Bronma which was in the west of Gaxia, near the mountains. Bronma was famous for their metal works factories, one which her father owned, which was how she came to find Vol sleeping in one of the forges. She also had two younger twin brothers, who she described as rascals. We laughed and joked more, I felt like I’d known them for a lot longer than just the few hours I’d been in the room.

I already knew a lot about Sam but wanted to find out more about when he ran away. He waved me off saying ‘nothing much happened till Tawny showed up.’ I didn’t believe him but I dropped the subject. That’s when I felt a familiar presence enter my mind.

James, come out quickly. Bring the others. Lani is injured. It spoke in my head.

I recognised it as Percy’s ‘voice’. As his presence withdrew I let my mind follow it, feeling like I swam through water, and found myself looking through his eyes. Percy neighed in shock. He thought it was too early for me to be able to enter his mind and so my powers must be stronger than he thought.

Through his eyes I saw Lani’s prone form lying on the floor. It was a strange viewpoint, I could see all around except directly in front of me. Ava stood over Lani looking worried.

How do I get back to my body? I asked in Percy’s mind.

Follow the path we have created, linking our minds. He answered wistfully.

I tried to do as he said and detected the path. It was more like a thread tide to each of us. I followed it back to my body and became aware of my surroundings again.

‘-ames! Wake up!’ I heard Sam’s worried voice shouting. I was aware of a warm pressure on my lips that tasted of honey, as air was suddenly forced into my lungs. I coughed and opened my eyes to find Sam’s face, wrinkled on worry, inches from my own face. I blushed again.

‘What happened? Your body went really still and you stopped breathing for like five whole minutes. It was really scary!’ He said and I could hear the concern in his voice.

‘It was strange. I think I projected my mind into Percy’s.’ I replied, a little nauseous. Then I remembered why I had gone in the first place. I jumped up to my feet.

‘Quickly, Lani outside and she’s hurt!’ I exclaimed and hurried toward the door, the rest following behind including Nuru.

When we reached Lani, I could tell that she had fainted.

‘She has exhausted her powers.’ Nuru claimed ‘We need to get her to bed so she may rest and regain her energy.’

The four of us picked her up and took her to her room upstairs. When we got her into bed I gave her some water and Sam placed a cloth on her forehead. She began to mumble and regain consciousness. Her eyes fluttered open slightly and she tried to get up but could barely move for fatigue.

‘Stay down.’ Nuru said with care in his voice. ‘You need to rest.’ There was a little hitch in his voice and he held her hand caringly. I began to suspect more than friendship between them.

‘In fact I think it’s time we all went to bed, there’s lots more work to do tomorrow.’ He pronounced.

I glanced out the window and saw that one of the suns had sunk already leaving the dull orange glow from the second touching the horizon.

The hostess showed me my room next to Kenna’s. It held a bed big enough for two made of dark wood with an intricate chiselled head board. There was a matching table with a mirror and other bedroom furniture, and a window above the bed. I followed her to the door where she asked if I wished her to bring anything up for me. I denied the offer and she hurried away to see to her other guests.

I looked down the corridor; we had this whole area to ourselves. At the bottom of the corridor saw Sam enter his room from the washroom. His long brown hair was wet and pushed back and was only wearing thin white under garments that reached just above the knee and clung to his wet form. I could not take my eyes of him and raw desire burned deep inside.

He caught me watching and grinned. I panicked and ran into my room, slamming the door behind me. My face was red with embarrassment. I hoped he hadn’t noticed why I was staring from my ‘sign of desire’ or how long I’d been staring at him. A knock came at my door.

I jumped into my bed, fully clothed and pretended to be asleep. I heard the creak of the door and footsteps as someone entered.

‘James?’ Sam’s voice came.

I kept my eyes closed and kept a steady breathing pace. I felt him leave and close the door. I sighed with relief. I was going to have to control myself around Sam.


That night I found it difficult to sleep. I was chased by dreams of falling off cliffs and drowning in the sea and so kept waking at intervals covered in sweat. In one dream I was atop the cliff being chased by strange people. They pressed towards me until I was at the edge. There was a heavy weight in my hands that that burned both cold and hot but I daren’t drop them. I could tell these people wanted the weights. Why didn’t I give them to them? I didn’t understand.

In the group of people I recognised six of them. There was all my ‘brothers and sisters’ as Percy had called them. Sam wore an expression of extreme disappointment and hurt that made my heart twinge with guilt though I didn’t know why. Also in the crown were my Mother and Father, my mother was pale with fear whereas my father held a look of disgust and then triumph. Suddenly I lost my footing and again, plummeted to where the darkness would consume me.


I awoke again and caught my breath. I poured myself a glass of water from the jug the hostess had left on the table, and downed the contents. I was about to try and go back to sleep when I noticed my door wide open. I froze when I saw a shadow of a person holding a knife in the doorway.

K so thats part 5 :) Please comment!


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Aug. 28th, 2010 11:11 pm (UTC)
awww misunderstandings *shakes James*

and PLUNNIES, them B****'s (cute fluffy bunnies) appear everywhere!

Interesting, set-ups more of less complete, when's the next update? ;)
Aug. 29th, 2010 12:04 am (UTC)
Haha. Those damn plunnies won't leave me alone! ;) lol. Next updates Monday seeing as i have stuff to do tomorrow :( lol.
Aug. 29th, 2010 06:41 am (UTC)
They're evil things ;)

So do I supposedly, LOL you can't keep posting everyday ...pity though ;)
Aug. 29th, 2010 02:47 pm (UTC)
Today is Sunday here so I suuuuuuuuppose I can wait until tomorrow for the cliff hanger to be resolved. May have to wait longer as I have *heavy sighs* personal things that need resolving here.

Am loving this. This is just what I need right now *sighs*, something to drown in. Thank you.
Aug. 29th, 2010 04:38 pm (UTC)
Haha thanks to you too :). Yeah the next part is written, ready to go up so it'll be up whenever i wake up lol.

Sorry about the personal things, they can be a bitch sometimes I know. Lol.
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